Why Mobile Optimization is Your Business’s Future

Article from Jan 22, 2020

You may have embraced the power of digital marketing, but have you considered mobile optimization techniques to boost your business even more?

Mobile technology is rapidly changing the world. An estimated 5 billion people all over the world own a mobile device, and more than half of these devices are smartphones. Their users represent an enormous facet of the online population.  

Online consumers now use mobile devices more than desktop setups for internet browsing. Take a look at why your customers would like it if you optimize your website for mobile.

Why Your Customers Prefer Mobile Sites

Mobile users make up 53 percent of visitors to online stores, with an additional 10 percent from tablets. What’s driving these people to use their smartphones instead of their desktops?

Smartphone technology has advanced so much in the last five years, with developers increasing their storage capacity, improving their processing time, and installing multiple features. A normal smartphone is capable of everything an average person needs from a desktop computer, with the added benefit of portability.

The abundance of Wi-Fi and cellular networks make it even easier for people to connect to the internet through their phones. Thanks to smartphones, your customers can locate a store while driving, check reviews outside a restaurant, and research products without even leaving their homes. Why wouldn’t they prefer mobile?

Unlike sites only configured for desktop computers, mobile sites usually load and perform faster. Since even a few seconds of delay can put off an online user, it makes sense that they’d prefer a digital medium that presents the information they need as fast as possible.

Despite their faster load time, well-designed mobile sites can still have as many features and be even more responsive than desktop site. A faster loading time ensures that customers don’t get impatient and leave your site, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Consumers like feeling special, and one-way mobile sites can make them feel this way is through customization. Whether it’s changing the appearance of a particular site or being in charge of what shows up on their timeline or dashboard, your customers like having a personalized feel to their online experience.

With a little help from programming and web design experts, you can have a site that users can alter to their whims. By doing so, you help your brand connect with your customers and make them feel closer to your business. Personalization also makes it easier for consumers to see and find products or services they’re more likely to appreciate and purchase, helping you increase revenue.

Search engines are the gateways through which your website reaches customers, which is why optimizing for them is a big deal. However, you may not be aware that search engines, most importantly Google, put sites that have mobile optimization over those that don’t on the results page. This makes mobile sites easier for consumers to find, giving them more reach than their desktop-only counterparts.

Finding out why users prefer mobile sites is just one part of understanding the importance of mobile optimization to your business. Discovering how costumers behave regarding these sites can show you how to use it to help your business.

Mobile User Behaviors You Should Keep in Mind

Awareness of mobile user behavior will allow your business to tap into opportunities that increase traffic and revenue for your mobile site . Use this knowledge to improve not only your website’s mobile optimization but also to enhance its management.

Your customers are more active on their phones at certain hours more than others. This depends on several factors, such as employment or age. Although most people will check their phones repeatedly during the day, at work or school, they’re most likely to dedicate more time to their devices in the early evening.

Why is This Important? By identifying what time your customers are checking their devices, you can perfectly time when to post updates on your site, send e-mails, or give them notifications. JetBlue, an airline company, has helped its reputation by sending out notifications just when its customers need them the most, building user trust in their customer service.

Identifying your audience is the basic foundation of marketing, and that continues to be true with website optimization. Paying attention to which age groups your mobile site caters to can keep you ahead of the competition. Different age groups behave differently, and focusing on your target demographics helps you focus your efforts.

Why Is This Important?  Tailor the content and services presented on your site to appeal to a particular age group. This can boost conversions and increase your revenues. Just look at Netflix.

When the video-streaming service faced the impending arrival of competitor Disney+, the company invested in securing anime series. Netflix knew that its target age group was looking for easy access to these animated shows. Even in 2006, up to 2 million anime lovers were willing to pay to watch their favorite shows, and the streaming service secured this market with its move.

Online users prefer to use mobile devices for their browsing and research, but they like the perceived security of desktop computers for actual purchases and transactions. Mobile users are looking for content that gives the information they’re looking for and in as succinct a package as possible.

Why is This Important? Determining your customer’s motives for visiting your site helps you tailor-fit content to their needs. Since mobile users are more interested in research than purchase, your mobile site should provide them with information that will convince them to make the purchase.

Kitchenware and furniture provider Williams-Sonoma experienced a 70 percent increase in sales by enriching its mobile content through videos and content based on the customer’s intent.

Mobile users are looking for information and they want it pronto. Because of this need for instant information, mobile users who get impatient enough may just abandon your site in favor of one with faster load time.

Why is This Important? Your website needs to load faster to retain viewers long enough to turn them into customers. Streamline your mobile site’s content and features to make it easier for mobile users to load and improve your conversion rate.

SmartFurniture, a Tennessee-based furniture provider, experienced a 20 percent increase in organic traffic and improved search engine ranking just by speeding up its site.

Mobile optimization is one of the most powerful instruments in your digital toolbox. By understanding why your customers like mobile sites and how they use them, you can ensure your business prospers with the help of this next-generation technology.

The Next Generation of Digital Marketing

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