Wounded Warrior Support

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Wounded Warrior Support is a unique project that helps wounded warriors receive treatments and first aid products.

This new company has already impacted many soldiers’ lives with their work, so it’s great being part of this incredible movement!

Design & Content solutions

The main challenge posed by this project was combining simplicity and showing off the harsh reality. We wanted to capture how brave these soldiers genuinely are and help them get back on track after returning home from the war so they can live happy lives again.On the website, you'll find many real photos that show soldiers' courage in protecting their country. However, with our simple modern design, we wanted to combine the brutal reality with an attractive appearance for visitors. A rubric, "soldier of the month," was created for warriors who urgently need treatment.

Business optimization

Donation forms
One of the most important aspects of running a successful non-profit organization is raising funds. Therefore, non-profit organizations must meet specific requirements for donations; whether it be online donations, employer matches, or corporate giving – you can count on us!

Custom forms
We developed a custom form to collect online information about the soldiers who need support and check whether they are eligible.

Online payment getaway integration
The more convenient it is to pay, the better! We integrate with Stripe and PayPal so you can get your money without ever having any hassle.


Digital Beverly is dedicated to providing low prices for non-profit organizations. We’re always willing and able to work with them, which means the world would be a better place to live!

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