PPC Stats

  • 45% of the total clicks go to the top three paid advertising positions

  • 85% of consumers use Google to search for local businesses

  • For every $1 spent on Google Ads, our clients earn average revenue of $2

Why Pay Per Click

Get the best performance from your existing and new Google Ads campaigns with our proven tactics.


Beverly’s strategic team includes SEO specialists who apply industry know-how and proprietary digital marketing techniques that drive actual results. Based on our experience, organic search has the best ROI among all marketing channels. We constantly monitor new trends and algorithms to stay on top of search engine optimization and connect your business to your target market.

Performance and Control

Google Ads is based on a pay per click model. Every search initiated in Google starts from choosing a set of “winners” from the pool of Ads advertisers to appear in the valuable ad space on its search results page. The quality and relevance of the chosen keywords, ad campaigns and the size of the keyword bids are the main factors that are the basis for determining the “winners.”


Digital Beverly’s signature dashboard allows you to track everything a visitor does on your site with Google Analytics, call tracking, and tag management to measure actual revenue contribution to your business.

Our PPC management program

includes the following ad platforms:

Facebook is providing business with the biggest advertising opportunity since search.

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Our Process

Our talented web designers are creative, artistic, and excited to create a website that’s as functional as it is beautiful.



Define the Pay Per Click campaign’s goals (e.g., generate leads; raise brand awareness; increase traffic).


Choose the most relevant keywords based on intent of your target audience (transactional = DO, informational = KNOW, navigational = GO).

Creating Ads

Creating the relevant landing page and setting up ad variations by testing various headlines, extensions, and call-to-action.


Optimizing the bid strategies in real-time.


Reporting to you the progress of your PPC campaigns and analyzing the key metrics (e.g., conversion rate, cost per click; cost per acquisition; return on ad spend, etc.).

Launch your online store today and open your business to 24/7 sales.

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