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Latest Projects

Luxury Car Rental

A dynamic car booking system designed to streamline vehicle reservations and enhance user experience.
  • Developed an intuitive online booking platform
  • Implemented real-time availability tracking
  • Integrated secure payment processing
  • Provided ongoing technical support and system updates

Credit Repair

Tailored client portal offering a personalized and efficient way for clients to manage their interactions.
  • Customized user interface for enhanced client engagement
  • Integrated data management and reporting tools
  • Developed secure login and user authentication features
  • Enabled seamless document upload and management

Auto Body Shop

A transformative digital solution for LA Auto Craft company, combining a custom reservation system, interactive features, and a sleek website design to boost engagement and streamline services.
  • Developed a custom reservation system with dynamic promo code automation
  • Created an interactive form for instant service estimates
  • Enhanced website design for a superior user experience and mobile responsiveness
  • Implemented SEO and social media integration to elevate online presence

Beauty Salon

A custom-tailored digital marketing and brand identity strategy for a beauty salon, emphasizing unique style and engaging storytelling.
  • Social Media Management
  • Crafted a unique brand identity to distinguish the salon in a competitive market
  • Designed custom graphics and visual elements to enhance online presence
  • Executed targeted social media campaigns to build a loyal customer base

Gyrotonic Studio

A specialized digital makeover for a Gyrotonic studio, enhancing their online scheduling and client engagement.
  • Implemented a user-friendly website design
  • Developed an online class scheduling system
  • Integrated social media for increased community engagement
  • Provided SEO services for improved online visibility

Fusion Restaurant

A comprehensive digital overhaul for viaSelfie Kitchen Fusion Restaurant, featuring a custom reservation system with extensive features, robust social media management, and AI automation, significantly boosting their ROI and online ranking.
  • Engineered a custom reservation system with over 50 advanced features
  • Achieved a substantial increase in ROI through targeted digital strategies
  • Managed and revitalized social media presence, creating engaging content from scratch
  • mplemented AI automation services, enhancing operational efficiency
  • Successfully ranked the restaurant as number 1 in search results for key industry keywords

Law Firm

A sophisticated digital revamp for a Law Firm, integrating a fully responsive website, custom forms, strategic SEO, and an innovative AI agent based on GPT-4 Turbo, streamlining client engagement and operational efficiency.
  • Crafted a sleek, fully responsive website design
  • Developed custom forms for efficient client information collection
  • Executed comprehensive SEO and digital marketing strategies
  • Implemented a GPT-4 based AI agent for lead engagement and CRM integration

Flower Shop

A vibrant and custom-designed e-commerce solution for a Flower Shop, featuring an extensive admin profile with over 30 features, enhanced SEO, and creative content strategies, complemented by custom lead generation forms.
  • Developed a bespoke e-commerce website tailored to the unique needs of the flower shop
  • Created an admin panel with more than 30 advanced features for streamlined management
  • Implemented effective SEO tactics to boost online visibility and attract organic traffic
  • Produced engaging content to captivate the target audience and enhance brand appeal
  • Designed custom forms for efficient and effective lead generation