6 Website Design Innovations to Watch Out for in 2021

Article from Feb 8, 2021

User-friendly website design is one of the cornerstones of successful online conversion. However, your business should merge efficient website design with digital innovations. The new year and the new decade are an ideal time for you to explore these technological advancements and ultimately apply them to your strategies.

Here are some innovations your business needs to understand and incorporate into your website design this 2021 so you can stay ahead of the competition.

  1. Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures

Conversion rates often rely on potential customers sharing information with you, but the fear of cyberattacks and data breaches is stopping online users from doing so. An overwhelming 75 percent of consumers believe that private companies don’t responsibly handle sensitive data given to them. Only 31 percent of these consumers think that companies can handle attacks by hackers and other forms of cybernetic intrusion.

Without consumer data, you’ll find it hard to provide them with information needed to build a relationship with them.

Your business needs to be aware and actively seeking any effective cybersecurity measures emerging this year. Advertising that your website is protected by the latest cybersecurity tools will restore consumer confidence in your ability to keep their data safe and encourage them to share personal information with you.

  1. User Behavior Tracking

Once online consumers are confident in your website’s security enough to hand over personal data, utilize this data responsibly and efficiently. As your knowledge about your customers grows, so does your understanding of how to keep existing consumers happy. This knowledge also makes it easier for you to develop tactics to attract more users to your website and convert them.

You need to make use of user behavior tracking software on your website to collate their data into meaningful information. Aside from basic approaches like cookies and software development kits, more advanced programs like Google Analytics are the best methods of collecting and making sense of user behavior.

Through the data provided by user behavior tracking, check if your website is meeting your business goals. Additional instrumentation also allows you to track how many transactions and how much revenue your website generates. By monitoring their behavior on your site, you’ll know what makes consumers happy and what they don’t like. Change your website design and features accordingly and your target market will flock to your site.

  1. Advanced Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has always been at the forefront of digital innovation. Your business can take advantage of existing innovations to stay marketable. Advanced machine learning through new algorithms transforms data gathered by your website to actionable information.

For example, algorithms can dig deeper into user behavior data to come up with reliable predictions regarding their purchasing habits. This can present itself as ideal times to advertise your services with the wording that attracts more consumers. By using these predictions to tweak your website design, from layout to copy, you’re actively working on driving your conversion rate. Enhancing your site to conform more to what users like means you’re providing them with more satisfying customer experience.

Advanced machine learning is so effective in providing useful insights that 128 out of 176 large companies are using it to facilitate efforts in achieving higher sales growth. Think bigger by incorporating advanced machine learning programs into your website design and reap the rewards of your insight.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Aside from quality service, convenience is one of the biggest reasons an online user might become a customer. People on the internet are looking for websites that offer them what they want as easily as possible. Aside from streamlining the text and layout of your website, another way you can increase its utility and ease of use is through voice search optimization.

With the rise of popularity of software like Apple’s Siri and digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search optimization is no longer just an option if you want to stay relevant. It could be the standard.

Approximately 52 percent of consumers would like to use voice search to discover information about promotions, discounts, and sales. Another 42 percent also want to receive information about any events or activities. Relaying these kinds of information through the convenience of voice search makes it easier for users to discover and connect with your brand.

  1. Chatbots in Website Design

One of the distinct advantages of a website over a physical store is that it never has to close for the night. Anyone who knows your URL can visit your site, browse, and even make a purchase at any time of the day. But customers need more than simple transactions to remain loyal. They also need assistance and supervision, the primary purpose of customer service.

Chatbots exist so whenever a customer has a question, a complaint, or needs clarification, they have someone they can approach online. Your website needs its own chatbot to ensure that customers receive excellent customer service 24/7.  With the previously mentioned advances in machine learning, chatbots can receive and document complaints, provide solutions, and even give complex answers to your customer’s questions. This increases customer satisfaction and offers online users a new avenue to learn more about your business.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Cutting-edge technology always grabs attention, and some of the most notable innovations of recent years are augmented and virtual reality systems. The simplest versions rely on smartphones and special headgear to create an immersive reality for users to explore, while more sophisticated examples feature high-quality graphics and more complicated accessories.

You may think that AR/VR is too fancy for your business, especially if you own a small or medium enterprise, but simple applications on your site can still do wonders for your conversion.

Online clothing stores can show customers what they look like in an item of clothing without the actual dress. Furniture retailers can superimpose their products into a prospective client’s home, giving them a preview of their new purchase. Finally, AR/VR marketing efforts can go viral quickly, generating huge publicity for your business. Investing in incorporating even simple AR/VR technology into your website design will also mark your business as a pioneer and an early innovator.

Your website is the online persona of your company, and you don’t want it lagging behind. Your website’s design has to have the perfect combination of beauty and utility if you want it to be your brand’s vehicle to success.

Elegant Designs and Cutting-Edge Technology

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