• Web design
  • Custom Calculator
  • business optimization tools
  • Dashboard for clients and its customers


Target audience

  • young people who are starting to build a strong credit record;
  • immigrants who don’t have a similar credit system in their countries and need professional help;
  • people who have mistakes on their credit reports and want to fix it


as our target audience starts from 18 years old, we decided to do the minimalistic design with stylish abstract images and different automatic tools/ forms to stimulate the interest in this service

Credit Score is the King

The main idea was to explain to the site visitors credit score is so important

get an affordable insurance rent

save money on interests

buy a new car

get a job

get the best mortgage rate

stop pay high-security deposits

rent an apartment

Business optimization tools

Custom Calculator

helps add value and show the difference to the potential clients between having bad and good credit

Custom Dashboard

two custom dashboards for the sales management team and for clients, which allows uploading all necessary information for the following credit check; monitor order status and its progress; check the bureau reports; credit score, etc.).

Online contract signing

the days of dealing with outdated technology are over – save time, money and the hassle by switching to signing contracts online

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