Brand Awareness: How to Raise It Through Social Media Content

Article from Jan 28, 2021

As a marketing tool, social media is affordable, convenient, and immensely powerful.  Anyone with a smart social media marketing strategy can reach untold millions instantaneously and channel this visibility to generate massive revenue.

How powerful is an effective social media strategy?

Consider Kylie Jenner. Through careful management of various social accounts, and strategically leveraging her visibility, Kylie amassed a fortune worth $900 million before she hit 25 years old. 

Visibility is influence — and influence can become revenue. The key to achieving this is through engaging content. You’ll increase opportunities for users to share your posts and do business with you by creating content they can relate to and interact with.

Here are some tips for creating engaging content for three of the largest social media platforms.

Tips for Engaging Facebook Posts

With as many as over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is the largest and most accessible social media platform. The site has become a digital nation on its own, with features designed specifically for commercial establishments. A great Facebook page not only enhances visibility; it could also increase leads and conversion.

Outdoor clothing company L.L. Bean has steadily increased its fans through its well-curated page. The company now has over a billion followers on Facebook.

The following steps may help you create an engaging Facebook post?

Customers feel comforted when they see that other people are confident in your business. Facebook’s comments feature and instant messaging app makes it easy for you to gather and present positive feedback.

Facebook has features unique to businesses that allow users to read customer reviews. You can personalize this experience by posting great reviews accompanied by messages of your appreciation.

A lot of people prefer scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds than reading each item in-depth. You need to capture their attention immediately and get them to spend time on your posts long enough for you to get a message across.

Come up with beautifully designed graphics, write compelling one-liners that make readers pause, or post interesting videos. These kinds of eye-catching posts often get comments, likes or even shares.

Facebook Stories let you publish snippets, photos, or short video clips to pique your followers’ interest. Use Facebook Stories to go Live, creating an authentic and unique way to interact with your customers.

Through this feature, you can answer questions, showcase new products, and entertain viewers all in real-time.

Give customers on Facebook an inside and in-depth view of your business by posting photos and videos of life behind the scenes. Show them employees having fun at the workplace or a snippet of your business’s production process.

These kinds of posts encourage users to ask questions, evoke reactions, and provide educating content at the same time.

Tips for Engaging Instagram Pics

Approximately one billion people are on Instagram, making the platform as cosmopolitan and as crowded as the real world. Instagram has gone from a simple site where people posted photos of their pets or food to an international market where businesses large and small can entice and interact with their customers.

Instagram is one of the most powerful tools in Kylie Jenner’s arsenal. The social media influencer and businesswoman has over 155 million followers, which she uses to generate interest and revenue.

Here are the keys to making an engaging Instagram post.

Although Instagram is primarily for photos and videos, you can get more than a simple reaction from your followers by asking questions.  Aside from making sure the photographs you upload are perfect, think of a compelling question to put in the caption. Ask them for suggestions regarding your product, or to recount fond memories during a holiday.

Engaging questions not only allow your followers to actively participate in the conversation. You could also use this opportunity to gain insight for future content.

Instagram Stories are full of interactive features you can use to make your account more engaging to your customers. These features include simple stickers where followers can send you questions to sliding scale indicators that gauge their interest. Even the feature that allows you to share music through Stories can create an enjoyable post that your followers can comment on.

These features help you build rapport with your customers as well as make your brand more relatable.

Hashtags are an easy way for you to index your Instagram posts and helps users find them. You can use a different hashtag every day to keep your account relevant throughout the week. Build each hashtag around a theme that relates to your business.

Hashtags like #FitnessFriday and #MotivationMonday are perfect for gyms and similar establishments, whereas #TacoTuesday and #SaladSundaySpectacular are ideal for a restaurant. Find a witty hashtag for each day of the week, and you’ll stay on your followers’ feeds.

Instagram’s interactive features make it easy for you to announce contests, and you can use them for the contest mechanics.

For example, you can ask followers to provide the best caption for an image or ask them to post a funny photograph with one of your products. Instagram contests are great for initiating engagement with your followers and can interest other users to follow your account.

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Tips for Engaging Tweets

Twitter is perfect for short, timely posts, thanks to the nature of the site. The low character limit encourages you to get to the point. Tweets are ideal for announcements, to gather responses, and spread your messages quickly through hashtags.

Entertainment giant Disney recently used the #DreamBigPrincess hashtag on Twitter to spread messages of empowerment and bring together fans.

What do you need to do to make engaging tweets?

Twitter Polls are a popular way for you to get followers to share their thoughts. You can use these polls to gauge everything from which of your products they prefer or to which of your services will rate higher. These polls give you an easy and engaging way to gather information from your customers while giving them an avenue to reach out to your brand.

People prefer to read with visuals, and it’s still true on Twitter. Whenever necessary, accompany tweets with an appropriate image. A countdown tweet can come with a graphic involving your business logo. You can tweet photos of your products along with announcements regarding their launch.

Tweeting with well-curated pictures can encourage users to retweet you, enhancing your visibility and engagement.

All your tweets should revolve around your business, but you can brainstorm different themes that you can link together to form a story. Maybe a series of tweets can focus on heartwarming memories involving your company, or a series of tweets about your brand history.

Themed tweets tell a narrative, one that your followers can appreciate and comment on. You can even increase engagement by coming up with a theme they can participate in, like customer highlights.

Hashtags are Twitter’s filing system. Coming up with an effective hashtag means that it’s catchy and relevant. You can use this hashtag to meld together different tweets and allow users to find or even add to them.

An effective hashtag acts like the title to a story: it captures the essence of the narrative you’re telling and makes it easy for followers to share it. It helps people find your brand online and connects your followers with each other.

The power of social media is undeniable. But like any other form of power, you need to know how to harness it properly to reap the rewards. A smart and innovative social media strategy tailor-fitted to your company’s needs is the first step to ensuring your success in the digital landscape of the 21st century.

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