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Digital Beverly is a full-service digital agency, serving small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s). Blow the competition away by working with us.


About us.

Digital Beverly is a premium digital company that offers a wide range of services that companies need to thrive in the modern world. Our team brings together experts from diverse fields, including digital analytics, business automation, social media, web design, SEO and video production. Digital Beverly operates around the principles of simplicity, effectiveness and transparency.

Let us introduce the Founder and CEO of Digital Beverly – Oganes Barsegyan, a creative professional with extensive experience:

– TV production on various projects such as:  “Dancing with the Stars”, 16th FINA World Championship, Music Awards, etc.;

– Brand Manager at Nestle;

– Senior Brand Manager for Dictador premium rum;

– Member of Forbes Agency Council since 2019;

Oganes combines his passion for digital marketing and cutting-edge technologies with his superlative creative and process automation skills.

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Digital Beverly is one of the leading full-service digital agencies, serving small to medium businesses. Blow the competition away by working with us.


The digital landscape in the early 2000s looks very little like that of today. Digital practices that may have worked in the past may no longer be relevant now. Digital Beverly stays abreast of the latest digital marketing developments and news. By staying on top of trends, we discover new ways to expose your brand to your target audience and convert onlookers into actual, paying customers. Our dynamic nature lets us grow with you as you scale your business.

Cost Effective

Many businesses are apprehensive about integrating digital solutions into their marketing because they worry about going beyond their budget. Digital Beverly offers a full suite of expert digital marketing services at relatively lower prices. The team has worked with businesses of all sizes, but focuses mostly on SMBs and startups. We offer our services at affordable prices so you can more effectively put your brand out there without worrying about overextending your budget.


At Digital Beverly, we make sure that our every digital marketing move is visible to you in real-time. We place value on transparency, and it shows in the way we update you whenever we make changes to your campaign and provide detailed progress reports. With us, you’ll understand every aspect of your marketing campaign, making it easier to monitor your growth, and ultimately, measure your ROI.

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Digital Beverly offers everything you need to fortify your online presence -- all under one roof. Learn more about our game-changing digital solutions.

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